Smooth & Silky Hummus

I eat Hummus on a regular basis, and whenever I can I try to make it at home instead of buying it.

Hummus is such a great appetizer or anytime dip for veggies and chips.

Bringing homemade Hummus to a party is always appreciated, and people seem to think it’s much harder to make than it actually is (shhh, don’t tell them it takes 15 minutes – at most).

I still do enjoy the store-bought brands like Sabra, but those are so expensive compared to making it yourself!

I also like being able to take some creative liberties and topping/adding whatever I am feeling like that day.

You could get wildly experimental with your toppings – anything from salsa to roasted/pickled red peppers, onions, roasted garlic, green Chile, or whatever rocks your world.

How to Get the Smoothest, Silkiest Hummus Ever

I have experimented with many options to try and get my hummus similar to what you’ll find at a Middle Eastern restaurant, and I can tell you there are a couple of tricks for smooth and silky hummus.

#1 Get N’eked

Okay, not you being naked when you cook (that would be weird and potentially unsanitary) – but your chickpeas.

Canned chickpeas have a skin on their outer layer that you won’t necessarily taste once it’s ground but it makes the outcome a little grittier.

It’s a bit of a pain in the patoot to deskin them but this is how I find it the easiest to do:

  • Buy a brand of chickpeas that cooks their beans to well cooked (some others are a bit al dente, making the skins harder to remove) – If you don’t buy a brand like Goya, which I find to have loose skins, you can also boil the chickpeas for a few more minutes on the stove-top. Boil until you see the skins start to float when you give them a firm stirring.
  • Soak the can of chickpeas in a bowl of water as hot as your tap goes and agitate them with your fingers until a lot of the skins come to the top.
  • Spend as much time as you can popping the skins off the chickpeas. You will be able to tell the difference between the non skinned ones and the skinned ones. The skinned ones have a fresh bright yellow look to them vs. the kind of dull look of the ones with skin.

Here’s a picture of my naughty peas getting all nuded up:

hummus skin

#2 Blend Baby, Blend

The concept is kind of simple here, but the better you blend your hummus, the smoother it becomes. 

Probably doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation – but just blend until you are happy with the texture.

Here’s a picture of my blended hummus and the texture I prefer:

hummus blended

#3 Dilute with Milk

Use milk (instead of water) to make the hummus creamier.

For the longest time, I had a recipe for hummus that called for using some of the chickpea water to mix back in if the hummus was too thick.

That was okay, but I have learned that if I use milk it is creamier and richer than using plain water or chickpea water.


And that’s pretty much everything you need for some amazing hummus.

Try it out and let me know if you liked it at the bottom!



Silky Smooth Hummus

Yield: 8
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

This hummus is one of the silkiest, creamiest, versions you will ever make yourself. The critical keys to making smooth and silky hummus is good quality tahini and beans, and removing the husks. I can't really give credit to anyone but myself for this recipe since it is a mixture of many different recipes that I've blended together over the years.


  • 1 (15 ounce) can chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans), rinsed and drained
  • 1/3 cup tahini (choose a good brand)
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 3/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 3 cloves garlic, pressed
  • juice of 1/2 lemon (2 tablespoons)
  • zest of lemon
  • 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tbsp milk, more if needed
  • pinch of cayenne pepper, to taste
  • Toppings: Olive oil, paprika, cumin, roasted red pepper, chopped onion, diced tomatoes, olives, pine nuts - (all optional)


  1. Add first 7 ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Add oil slowly while blending on low, checking consistency. Hummus should start to get fluffy as the oil is added.
  3. If hummus is too thick, add 1 tbsp of milk (more if needed).
  4. Once desired consistency is reached, add cayenne pepper (to your preference) and blend.
  5. Top with your desired garnishes and serve with desired chips/vegetables.


Tip: For grittier hummus, only blend until ingredients are mixed. For silkier hummus, blend longer and remove husks prior to adding chickpeas.

Serving Recommendation: This appetizer is delicious served with warm pita bread, chips, or vegetables such as celery, carrots, tomatoes, or cucumber.

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Nutrition Information
Yield 8 Serving Size 1
Amount Per Serving Calories 219Total Fat 16gSaturated Fat 2gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 13gCholesterol 0mgSodium 255mgCarbohydrates 17gFiber 4gSugar 7gProtein 5g

This nutrition information is provided as a courtesy and is an estimate only. This information comes from online calculators. Although attempts to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures are only estimates.

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