squash casserole
Side Dishes

Squash Casserole

This is a recipe for a delicious squash casserole, which can be served as a side item – or, some people say they serve it as a main item. That’s up to you. To me, squash casserole is a side item, but I guess some people can eat it like a main meal… but I …

Best Easy Meatloaf
Main Dish

The Best Meatloaf

This meatloaf sounded so boring to me that I thought to myself, “no way is this going to be any good”. But just when you think you have it all figured out, life gives you a swift kick in the butt. I was so wrong. You need this meatloaf in your life. It is juicy, …

peach bread
Breakfast Dessert

Peach Pecan Bread

Oh my goodness this peach pecan bread is delicious! It is really a dessert bread but can be eaten for breakfast, dessert, or if you just need something sweet and wonderful in the middle of the day. I typically buy a box of Palisade peaches, which we get here in Colorado in the beginning of …

Peach Crisp

Peach Crisp

Fall weather always makes me think of warm soups and comforting pies. Peach Crisps are one of those foods that can help you gracefully transition into the cooler weather with happy thoughts and marvelous smells and tastes. I prefer my crisp, crumbles, and pies to have tons of crunchy topping. In my opinion, the ratio …

shrimp grits recipe

Shrimp & Grits

My first encounter with this lovely dish was in a town called Columbia, South Carolina. It was love at first bite. Whenever I see this on a menu I have to try it! Maybe it was because it was my very first foray into grit-eating, but if my memory doesn’t betray me, nothing has every …


Authentic Greek Tzatziki

When my husband and I recently visited Mykonos, Greece, we took a cooking class. This was the authentic Tzatziki recipe that was shared with us by a true Mykonian Mamma! Taking a cooking class was one of our highlights of visiting Greece. We were welcomed into the home of a very sweet Greek lady who …

baked oatmeal

Baked Oatmeal

If you love oatmeal cookies, try this quick and satisfying breakfast. While the meal itself is great, I’m not going to lie, I think the house smell might be the best part. An hour after we have finished I can still smell the waft of heavenly aromas in the air. If you’re looking for an …


Smooth & Silky Hummus

I eat Hummus on a regular basis, and whenever I can I try to make it at home instead of buying it. Hummus is such a great appetizer or anytime dip for veggies and chips. Bringing homemade Hummus to a party is always appreciated, and people seem to think it’s much harder to make than …

Berry Pie Crumble

Berry Sour Cream Crumble Pie

Holy torpedo batman, this berry sour-cream crumble pie is dynamite! If you love berries, you can’t go wrong with this tangy, sweet, and tart pie – packed with flavors and comfort. This recipe reminds me of Grandma’s cooking – the slight chill in the air from fall arriving, and curling up on a couch with …

Lemon Herb Potatoes
Side Dishes

Lemon-Herb Crispy Potato Wedges

Move over French Fries, these crispy, tangy, herb-y potatoes are here to take your place. While they do take a while to cook, the smells alone are enough to make the wait worth it. For an hour and a half your home will have the aroma of garlicky potatoes and herbs. I don’t know about …