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fruit salad
Side Dishes

Crack Fruit Salad

If you love fruit and yogurt I can almost guarantee you will go crazy for this side item. Like the title claims, it is literally like fruit salad on crack – which I guess is a good thing? But this, I can assure you, IS GREAT.  I recently made this for a friend of mine …

squash casserole
Side Dishes

Squash Casserole

This is a recipe for a delicious squash casserole, which can be served as a side item – or, some people say they serve it as a main item. That’s up to you. To me, squash casserole is a side item, but I guess some people can eat it like a main meal… but I …

Lemon Herb Potatoes
Side Dishes

Lemon-Herb Crispy Potato Wedges

Move over French Fries, these crispy, tangy, herb-y potatoes are here to take your place. While they do take a while to cook, the smells alone are enough to make the wait worth it. For an hour and a half your home will have the aroma of garlicky potatoes and herbs. I don’t know about …

Hawaiian macaroni salad
Side Dishes

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

Let me stop you right now if you’re looking for something with pineapple and ham in it. If that’s what you’re looking for – this ain’t that. We routinely eat at a place called “L & L barbecue” with some of our friends who are from Hawaii. That’s when I first tried this addicting, flavor …