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salmon piccata

Salmon Piccata over Fettuccine

Oh boy, where to even begin on this one.   So, for years my husband had been wanting to make fresh pasta. And to me,that seemed silly. I thought, “That seems like excessive amounts of work for something you can easily buy at the store”.  I can take or leave pasta – it’s never really …

shrimp grits recipe

Shrimp & Grits

My first encounter with this lovely dish was in a town called Columbia, South Carolina. It was love at first bite. Whenever I see this on a menu I have to try it! Maybe it was because it was my very first foray into grit-eating, but if my memory doesn’t betray me, nothing has every …

Salmon Cakes
Appetizers Fish

Killer Salmon Cakes

These salmon cakes are delicious and non-fishy enough to convert the most adamant of fish-haters into huge fans. If you are trying to force your kids or other family members to just give fish a chance, this might be the gateway meat preparation to convince them it can be super tasty if done right. These …

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