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Authentic Greek Tzatziki

When my husband and I recently visited Mykonos, Greece, we took a cooking class. This was the authentic Tzatziki recipe that was shared with us by a true Mykonian Mamma! Taking a cooking class was one of our highlights of visiting Greece. We were welcomed into the home of a very sweet Greek lady who …


Smooth & Silky Hummus

I eat Hummus on a regular basis, and whenever I can I try to make it at home instead of buying it. Hummus is such a great appetizer or anytime dip for veggies and chips. Bringing homemade Hummus to a party is always appreciated, and people seem to think it’s much harder to make than …

Buffalo Chicken Hot Wing Dip

Buffalo Hot-Wing Cheese Dip

There are dishes that you associate to events and this one ALWAYS makes me think of Football season and fall weather. We make this dip whenever we host a football party or go to a football party.  It has never failed to wow us and our guests or hosts. You should print up a couple …

Salmon Cakes
Appetizers Fish

Killer Salmon Cakes

These salmon cakes are delicious and non-fishy enough to convert the most adamant of fish-haters into huge fans. If you are trying to force your kids or other family members to just give fish a chance, this might be the gateway meat preparation to convince them it can be super tasty if done right. These …